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Selfie+ competition

Express Yourself, inspire others!

Selfie+ 2023

New Edition, new memories,
new stories to tell! Selfie+2023 it is a continuation of a initiative which
enriched our communities with images and narration, celebrating social events, integrity
and education. You have a chance to share your experiences and motivate future
programme participants of Erasmus+ or other programmes till the 16th of
December 2023.

Why is it worth to take part in Selie+?

The competition is open to
anyone who benefited from FERS to realize ones passions or dreams. Photos from
the projects not only document your success but also demonstrate the values of
social and educational activities.

Who can
participate? Beneficiaries of the fallowing programmes:

Your selfie may show a glimpse of studies, fun, discovery, everyday life in a new
place, every photo tells a different, unique story.

How to participate?

It’s simple as:

Applications are accepted till the midnight of the 16th of December 2023.