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Plane, bus or train?

Zielona Gora is located in the western Poland between three larger cities: Poznan, Wroclaw and Berlin. These are the most significant airports in our area with connection to many foreign countries.

Zielona Gora

There are two options of transportation from the central station to your accommodation place. The easiest option is to get there by taxi.

Another available and definitely cheaper option is a city bus. The city buses are very frequent and one-way tickets costs only 3.00 zł (for students with valid students’ ID only 1,50zł). Both options are fast and do not require huge amount of money so it is up to you which one you choose.


Poznan is located about 150 km form Zielona Gora. You can easily get to Zielona Gora by the use of public transportation. A helpful link which gives you access to the timetable of our trains is and also the buses Approximately it takes around 2 hours to transport form Poznan to Zielona Gora.

When you choose this form of public transportation, you have a guarantee that a tutor will be waiting for you on the bus or train station and deliver you safely to the dormitory.


Wroclaw is about 160 km form Zielona Gora  buses and trains are very frequent. The travel time takes about 2.5 hours as it was said above, you and you journey from Wroclaw on the central station in Zielona Gora. The procedure of transportation from the central station to your accommodation is the same.


Berlin is the third city in the area of  Zielona Gora. You can get form Berlin to Zielona Gora either by bus or train. The most profitable option is to take the train from Berlin to Slubice (it is a Polish city located on the border with Germany). From Slubice buses go directly to Zielona Gora.

Other options

Attention: you have another option, which is a train from Berlin to Frankfurt (Oder) and a continuation of the journey from Frankfurt (Oder) to Zielona Gora by train, however we do not recommend this choice as the trains from Frankfurt to Zielona Gora are not as frequent as the buses from Slubice to Zielona Gora.

This is a  helpful link where you can find plenty of possibilities to travel to Poland and from Poland.

There is also a possibility to take FlixBus to Zielona Góra (e.g. from Berlin, Wrocław etc.). The busses are equipped with toilets and WiFi. The timetable can be found here:

The map of FlixBus routes in Europe:

Babimost airport

Our local airport in Babimost is distant only 30 km away from the city centre but what you should pay attention to is that Babimost cooperates only with the airport in Warsaw. The flight takes about one hour and the advantage of using this airport is that students have a discount for the tickets. There is is also a bus which takes the passengers from Zielona Gora to the airport.