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The University provides foreign students with accommodation in student halls of residence. We have 6 such halls. They are situated in the two main campuses. All rooms are double or triple, but some usually offer single rooms to international students. There are shared, coeducational bathrooms.  In ‘Ziemowit’ residence there is a bathroom and a kitchen on each floor. On the other hand, ‘Wczesniak’ and ‘Rzepicha’ offers one bathroom and one kitchen for every two rooms.

The bed linen is provided. Students need to bring their own towels as well as crockery and cutlery.

For international students we offer places in the following residence halls:

  1. Ziemowit

  2. Wczesniak

  3. Rzepicha

The rate for dormitory is dependent on the amount of students living in the room.

Every student has to pay 300 PLN for the deposit (the payment has to be done on the arrival day and will be returned at the end of the stay).

A single room costs:

  1. Ziemowit about 608 PLN,
  2. Wczesniak about 580 PLN + bills (water, electricity).
  3. Rzepicha 608 PLN + bills (water, electricity)

A double room (for 2 students) costs (per student):

  1.  Ziemowit 480 PLN,
  2.  Wczesniak about 478 PLN + bills (water, electricity).
  3. Rzepicha 480 PLN + bills (water, electricity)

You can check in at the dormitory Monday to Friday in the following hours: 7:00 – 14:30.  (from 18.09.2023)

You can find details in the Rector’s Ordinance on the in student halls for the academic year 2023/2024.

The accommodation costs in student halls

Ordinance on the amount of fees for accommodation in student dormitories

In order to apply for accommodation, every student must choose the accommodation option in the application form. The type of room depends on availability.

Rzepicha dormitory uses Electronic Card Access system. You can find instruction below how to use this system.

Rzepicha – Entry Instruction

Foreign students also have the possibility of renting a private apartment. If wishing to do so, students can look for apartment rental advertisements in local newspapers and on the advertisement boards but usually it is more expensive than dormitory.

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