Student - here you can find all information concerning incoming students.

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Staff - here you can find all informaction concersning incoming staff (techaching and non-teaching)

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Download - documents, etc.

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For International Students

Dear Erasmus International Students, please look at this very important for you speech of prof. Wojciech Maksymowicz, the Polish Secretary of State at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (please see a link below) provided on the ministry Facebook page. Link to the video staff:

Coronavirus- IMPORTANT!

Information for persons returning from China, Italy, Republic of Korea, Islamic Republic of Iranand other countries impacted by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2Last few weeks, there were multiple cases of respiratory illness in China, Italy, Islamic Republic of Iranand South Korea (up-dated list of countries available on,, that were accompanied with signs and symptoms of cough, fever, dyspnoea anddifficulty breathing.If you travelled to those countries during last 14 days and you encounter those symptoms, please…

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