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Student - here you can find all information concerning incoming students.

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Staff - here you can find all information concerning incoming staff (teaching and non-teaching)

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BIP for teachers working in teachers’ training programs

We kindly invite you to participate in Blended Intensive Program (BIP) during International Week on 24-04-2023/28-04-2023 with a virtual training day on 4-05-2023, in Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija under the title Implementing new teaching methods and strategies in modern teachers’ training. The program is taking place in Klaipeda city, Lithuania, in face-to-face activities and partners’ institutions (primary schools and kindergartens).The teachers of Higher school Education working in teachers’ training programs can register to Erasmus International Week…

Open Days at UZ

On Wednesday, 3rd March 2023 an Open Days took place at the University of Zielona Góra. The university was visited by hundreds of students, high school graduates and teachers. During the event, it was possible to get acquainted with the didactic offer of the university. All of the faculties prepared presentations, lectures, shows, workshops and contests for visitors. Our International Cooperation Department also participated in the Open Day to present the Erasmus+ programme. We are…

Help Turkey with UZ

Following the devastating news from Turkey the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) at UZ in cooperation with Turkish consulate organises the Collection points. They collect: pads, diapers, hygiene products canned food, baby food, household goods powerbanks and batteries sleepingbags, blankets, tents etc. All items should be new and suitable for winter condition. Collection points: Campus A – ul. Prof. Z. Szafrana 1, A-8 building Campus B – ESN UZ Office,  al. Woj. Polskiego 69, A-16 building

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