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Application Procedure

Before Your Arrival

1.Nomination – Erasmus Student coming to University of Zielona Góra shall be nominated by their home university by e-mail, at this point the University of Zielona Góra reserves the right to interview the nominee by the electronic tools, e.g. skype. University will inform by e-mail if you are chosen to interview.

2. Application – Students are obliged to provide the International Cooperation Office the following documents:

3. Letter of Acceptance – Once your application is processed and accepted, the Letter of Acceptance will be send to you. Letter of Acceptance will contain information about booking a room in the dormitory (having a single room depends on availability). Details concerning accommodation can be found here.

While preparing your Learning Agreement you may contact with our Departmental Coordinators. Details concerning contact can be found under each university.

Academic calendar can tell you for what period should you have your VISA and insurance.


University of Zielona Gora
International Cooperation Office
Licealna 9
65-417 Zielona Gora, Poland

Incoming students:

Kornel Piwowarczyk, M.A., e-mail:, Tel.: +48 683282445

During Mobility

Accommodation – Once you arrive to Zielona Góra you should come to the dormitory and contact with the manager of the dormitory in order to register yourself and accept all of the regulations concerning living in students’ dormitory.  You will also receive your individual account number to transfer your monthly payments.

At this point you can fill in the Temporary residence registration form (double side printed) required for further procedures that should be also signed by the manager of the dormitory. 


LA During – You need to make some changes in your Learning Agreement? Yo can make them within 30 days. You can add, remove or replace courses. Please consult the changes with our Departmental Coordinator and you home university Coordinator. LA During is also done at OLA.


StudNET – Students Platform at UZ. You can find there information about your classes, grades, payments etc.

To login to your account on our students platform (STUDNET) please follow steps below:

– get your index number – please contact your Departamental Coordinator for it

– go to website – STUDNET – website for students of the University of Zielona Góra (

– to receive your first password click “reset password” and follow instruction – remember to use the email address provided in application form.


Student ID Card – Next step is to visit the Students Office (called ‘Biuro Obsługi Studenta’) to apply for a Student ID card (called ‘legitymacja’) for which you will have to pay 22,00PLN on the University account (33,00PLN for the duplicate). Payment details can be found on STUDNET account. Student’s ID can be collected only from the Students Office at your Faculty after paying for it.

– Students Office number 1 (BOS 1) – Campus B – al. Wojska Polskiego 69 – for Faculty of: Humanities; Social Science; Law and Administration.

– Students Office number 2 (BOS 2) – Campus A – ul. prof. Z. Szafrana 1 – for Faculty of: Arts;  Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering; Physics and Astronomy; Mathematics, Computer Science, and Econometrics; Biological Science; Mechanical Engineering.

– Students Office number 3 (BOS 3) – Campus A – ul. prof. Z. Szafrana 2 – for Faculty of: Economics and Management; Computer, Electrical and Control Engineering.

– Students Office number 4 (BOS 4) – ul. Zyty 28 – for Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


After Mobility

Certificate of Attendance – document confirming period of your stay at UZ. Before you leave UZ, make sure all your dormitory payments are settled and send us planned date of your departure. We will prepare this document and email it to you. Certificate of Attendance cannot be issued before the date of your departure.


Transcript of Records – document containing you grades. Departmental Coordinator has five weeks to prepare The Transcript of Records for students and delivers the documents to International Cooperation Office. We will provide you with a scan of your Transcript of Records as soon as it is ready.


About your personal data in the Erasmus+ Programme – Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council:

Erasmus information clause