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E+ partner countries

Exchange with partner countries

The project establishes Erasmus+ exchange with the following countries: Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and Vietnam. Students and Staff from Zielona Gora and partner universities have an opportunity to take part in Erasmus+ exchange.

Institutions that take part in the programme declared that fundamental principles of the Erasmus Charter for the Higher Education will be respected.

The first mobilities will be realised in the summer semester 2015/2016.

The realisation of the fallowing project provides effects on many levels. Participants of the international mobiles, as well as passive listeners of the arranged lectures, gain new competences, knowledge, abilities and attitude leading to broadening their personal abilities, development and increase prospects of future employment. The participants for the most acquire better linguistic competence, broaden their awareness of other cultures and nations. On the ground of this project participants have a great chance to create an international web of contacts that enables active participation in a social life and strengthens the European citizenship and identity. Academic staff perfects their didactical and scientific workshop increasing a chance of developing scientific careers by the means of e.g. publications, participation in international events, scientific or didactical projects, or co-writing books and articles. The exchange enables a transfer of knowledge between participating institutions and countries which corresponds to innovation in the field of teaching and research.