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There are many different forms of entertainment for students.

The most popular pubs and cafés for students

Jazz kino

Nice bar, fantastic food and live music as well. One of the ‘in’ places in the town. You can go to a concert there, or watch a movie, or simply sip some beverage.

Heban/Twoja czekoladka/Karpicko

A yuppie-style cafes in the centre. They’re not the cheapest, but the interior makes it a nice place to meet your friends. There are also happy-hours or discounts for students. You can choose from a wide range of coffees, chocolate drinks and cakes/desserts.

Casa Mia

About 5 tables inside, close to Campus B but once you enter, you will never forget the absolutely fantastic food. And there is a fire place!


Perfect place for lunch out as well as dinner plus a pint.

La Tulipe Noire

One of the best restaurants in town. And it’s in the city centre.

Roma, Pizza Pi, Gioconda, Papa Pizza, Koloseum, Da Grasso (Podgórna st.)

Pizza, pasta with salad bar. This list is not exhaustive and you’ll have to check what suits you best.

Heaven Club, X Demo, One Love, Obiekt

Other discos in Zielona Gora – worth visiting for sure:)


Spots and Recreation Centre

For all people who like swimming,  keeping fit or playing squash. Check the website.

Swimming pool Zielona Gora - swimming pool



Falubaz Zielona Góra

is a Polish speedway team based in Zielona Góra who currently races in Speedway Ekstraliga. The club has won Polish Speedway League six times (latest in 2011). The stadium, informally named as W69, is located on 69 Wrocławska Street. It contains 14,000 seats, but for the most interesting matches, the capacity is raised to 15,000. The track is 337.50 metres long and has a granite surface.

Ice skating rinks

Though there is no permanent ice skating rink in Zielona Góra, during the winter when the weather allows (it’s cold enough) there are 2 or 3 temporary rinks. One of them is located at the W69 stadium. You can rent there ice-skaters and have fun with your friends.

Bowling clubs

There are two bowling clubs. One is located at Kożuchowska St. – Magma, the other is at Zacisze, and it’s called Bowling Club.

Other places

In the summer the pedestrian area in the town centre proliferates with outdoor bars.

Worth knowing

The whole town goes crazy for one week in September for the wine festival. Have fun  if you’re here.  There are many fans of basketball team ‘Zastal’ as well as speedway fans of  ’Falubaz’ team. This festival continues for one week. The key point is a Vintage Parade it is very effective spectacle promoting an achievements of schools and cultural institution of the city.

What to do if you are not in the pub

erm..  you can go to so called ‘second centre of Zielona Gora’ i.e. Focus Park. Shops, cinemas, restaurants. Try to go there at weekends… You can also go to one of three cinemas showing original language films with subtitles. Since 90% of films are English your luck’s in. Cinema City has a bar, so there’s always something to do if you get there early, late etc…

The opposite for it could be a visiting a forest and a Museum village (in Polish called ‘skansen’) with a very old houses from the XII, XIII century and with a big puddle (there is a possibility for fisherman) and range of sculpture of local artist. During the summer is an excellent place to a picnic, barbecue and fire and in the winter time is great to sleigh ride. There are often a cultural events presenting a local healthy food and wines. You can get there by the city transport bus number 27.

Rock by Night

An international rock festival organized since 1998 year. During all these years around 1000 bands from all over the world took part in the competition. Concerts took place in Zielona Góra, Warsow, Cracow, Lodz any other cities. Last year it started in January and the final concerts were in Zielona Góra in October. If you like rock, metal music, don’t hesitate to take part in such amazing festival.

There is a theatre

Only in Polish, unfortunately.

Zielona Gora Philharmonic

Everyone interested in classical music could enjoy concerts and events organized there.